Gim Bap-Dried Seaweed Roll

Gim Bab or Kimbap

A Full Meal in a Single Roll 

Gim-bap (Korean style rice rolls) is made by spreading white rice on a sheet of Gim (dried laver), layering it with spinach, pickled radish, carrots, eggs and beef (or ham), or add your favorite ingredients such as cheese, bacon, etc and rolling it up. It is similar to the Japanese Maki roll but differs in that the rice is seasoned with sesame oil and salt rather than with vinegar, sugar, and salt.


  • Chungmu-gimbap (충무김밥) – Originating from the seaside city of Chungmu (currently Tongyeong), the dish features thinner rolls with an unseasoned surface and only rice as the filler ingredient. It is served with spicy ojingeo-muchim (squid salad) and seokbakji (radish kimchi).
  • Mayak-gimbap (마약김밥) – A specialty of Gwangjang Market in SeoulMayak translates as “drug”, a reference to its allegedly addictive flavour. Small gimbap filled with carrots, spinach, and danmuji (yellow pickled radish) is sprinkled with ground sesame seeds and dipped in its pairing sauce made from soy sauce and mustard.
  • Samgak-gimbap (삼각김밥) – Literally “triangle gimbap”. This variety is similar to Japanese onigiri, and is sold in convenience stores in South Korea. Fillings vary greatly.
  • Nude gimbap(누드김밥)-Literally means ‘Naked gimbap’. This is an inside out version of the classic gimbap. The rice is on the outside and the seaweed inside. Since the rice is front and center, it gets a sweet and sour dressing similar to sushi.

Tip) Dried Laver (김) 


The production process of Gim (dried laver) in Wando County, Korea

Called nature’s great gift, laver is a remarkably nutritious food packed with protein and vitamins. It has been cultivated for ages and is considered at its best when it shows fewer impurities, a darker color and a fuller sheen.

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