Stir Fried Rice Cake: Tteok-bokki(떡볶이)

Tteok-bokki- Stir Fried Rice Cake

Korean’s Favorite Snack -Tteok-bokki (Stir Fried Rice Cake)

Tteok-bokki  (떡볶이 in Korean) is respresentative of hot Korean dishes spiced with Gochujang (red chili paste). Everybody loves Tteok-bokki. Even children, who have yet to develop a taste for spicy food, enjoy Tteok-bokki, even if they have to drink lots of water to cool their tongue. It is the national street food of Korea, too.

Tip: Before you have this spicy food, I recommend you to buy unique drinking juice which is called “Coolpis (쿨피스 in Korean)’ of which the picture shown below. It will save you free from your burning tongue quickly just same as a magic.

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