Bab & Juk-Cooked Grains and Porridge

Bap – Cooked Grains or Rice

Bap (Cooked Rice) can be made entirely of white rice (Hin-bap in Korean), but it can also be combined with other grains such as soy bean or red bean (Jabgok-bap in Korean), with vegetables such as potatoes or sweet potatoes (Chaeso-bap), or with seafood such as oysters or mussels (Haemul-bap). Heat control during cooking determines the taste of Bap. Even if the rice is stale or lacking in quality, savvy Koreans know how to cook delicious Bap by adjusting the cooking temperature. Today, thanks for the high-developed technology, electronic cooker as below video let Koreans do it more easy to cook at home.

Bap (Cooked Rice) is an integral part of Korean Life. Koreans often say ‘We live on Bap’ or ‘Bap is the best medicine’. They also ask ‘Have you had your Bap’ as friendly greeting. When Koreans meet a new person and when they feel friendship, they usually say ‘Let’s have ‘Bap’ together soon’. And the word ‘Bapsang (Rice table)’ refers to a meal in general setting.

Korean Abalone Porridge – Jeonbokjuk

Juk (rice congee or porridge) is the first thing as baby is fed when weaning and a warm bowl of Juk is believed to be the best food for the people who are feeling weak or under the weather. When people got an operation in the hospital while they are on the process of recovering, Koreans usually recommend this food as the light meal for the patients or when Koreans feel sickness at home, family members prepare this food for the sick person and wish to overcome the sickness as soon as possible.

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