Yuja (citrus or yuzu) Tea

Yuja Tea – Citrus for Combating Fatigue 

Yuja (citrus or yuzu) is an aromatic citrus fruit that is effective against arthritis and neuralgia and also aids digestion. Yuja-cheong, or Yuja syrup, is mad in the same manner as Maesil syrup, by mixing Yuja with sugar.

Most commonly, Yuja tea is made by adding warm water to this concentrate, but Juja tea acn also be brewed with sliced fresh Yuja fruit or the rind.

Slices of various citrus fruits (Image @ Wiki)

Yuja fruit contains one and a half times the vitamin C of an orange and twice that of a tangerine. Yuja tea is consumed primarily in the winter season as an effective relief for hangovers and also for preventing colds.


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