Yakgwa (literally: medical cookies)

Yakgwa refers to Yumilgwa (deep-fried grain cookies) made with wheat flour mixed with honey and sesame oil, pressed in a Yakgwa-pan (Yakgwa frame), and slowly deep-fried. In ancient time, sesame oil and honey used as medicine for children and elders. Due to the ingredient of this, this sweet cookies are called ‘Yakgwa’ (literally ‘Medical Cookies).

KOCIS_yakgwa,_honey_cookies_(4646996556)_Korean Culture and Information Service (Photographer name).jpg
Yakgwa – Honey Cookies (Image by Korean Culture and Information Service)

Afterwards, the sweets are dipped in syrup or honey to firm up the texture. According to shape, Gungjung-yakgwa (royal court Yakgwa) refers to an elaborate flower-shaped version molded in a Yakgwa frame, while a bite-sized, square-shaped variety in known as Gaegeongmo-Yakgwa.

Yakgwa boasts as a long tradition and is said to have-first been made for Buddhist sacrificial rite. It is one of the most popular sweets that children rush to eat at the end of an ancient rite.

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